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  • I feel blessed to have been born in a country of such prosperity, opportunity, and freedom as the United States, and to have been able to make a home and career in such a unique place as Los Alamos, New Mexico. Despite the occasional forest fire, and ups and downs of the local economy, this is a wonderful place to work and live. However, our nation, state, and district are facing some serious problems. Too many people have lost much of the security and prosperity which we once took for granted. Many more could lose these things, if we don’t look carefully at the costs and benefits of every government expenditure. We need to invest our tax dollars so that people are healthy, well-educated, and living in a safe and unpolluted environment. That’s how we can make New Mexico a much more prosperous state.
  • I see two keys to good government: transparency and prioritization. Transparency at all levels of government does not mean a public vote on every issue. It means everyone involved in government should be proud to show every detail of the people's business to the public with all the tools at our disposal. The hard work of explaining complex issues to the public is one of the most important jobs of anyone in politics. Without transparency, corruption grows. Prioritization means making hard choices. We need good information in order to make good choices. It is up to our government representatives to clearly communicate the choices to the people, and to be honest about the costs.