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Political Parties

  • I am a Democrat because I believe in principles of the Democratic Party: to stand up for working people and the rights of all; to regulate markets when they are not free due to monopoly or other situations; to protect the environment and the public health. I have no disrespect for traditional principles of the Republican Party, such as fiscal responsibility and the need to maintain economic health and opportunity. I truly believe a balance can be struck between the principles of both parties, and that is what we achieve when we're willing to negotiate in good faith, and work to find compromises that can get bi-partisan support. Good government requires hard decisions to be made openly, with clear discussion of all the costs and benefits. This can be done best in an atmosphere of civility, honesty, and respect for all people.
    I recognize that there are many issues of importance that require effective lobbying of our state and federal governments. My late friend Dave Thomsen of LACACIS taught me how to be an effective advocate: be informed, be persistent, and make concise, well-reasoned arguments. LACACIS has always operated in a bi-partisan manner. I'm proud to have worked with people like Dave on issues of importance to our community at the state and federal levels. I work in support of Los Alamos County’s State Legislative Agenda with the New Mexico Association of Counties (NMAC) and the New Mexico Municipal League (NMML).