Pete P&Z


March 20, 2012

Retiring Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Peter T. (Pete) Sheehey filed Tuesday at the Los Alamos County Clerk's Office, to place his name on the June 5, 2012 Democratic primary election ballot for Los Alamos County Council. Sheehey stated:

"I have lived and worked here for 25 years, and Los Alamos has been a good home for me. I think we can make it better. I have long been active on issues important to this community at all levels of government. I have served on the Los Alamos County Planning and Zoning Commission since 2008. I am also an active participant in the ongoing discussion on proposed changes to the Los Alamos County Charter, aimed at bringing better communication and voter control over major county expenditures.

"My wife Naishing and I have knocked on many doors and talked to many people here over the last few years. I have realized that my experiences are typical of the people in this county, and that I could be a good representative for them on the County Council. I've had a satisfying scientific career at LANL, but I can afford now to accept the Lab's Voluntary Separation Program and retire, and offer my time and skills to making our government work better for the people of Los Alamos.

"Los Alamos County government spends a great deal of taxpayers' money every year, and we need to make sure it goes where it will do the most good. We have to set clear priorities, because we will not be able to pay for everything we want when the Lab's budget, from which much of our county's revenues derive, goes through a downward cycle. Tax revenues spent wisely on infrastructure, education, and economic development are good investments for Los Alamos, and will pay off for all of us in the long run. But we have to be totally honest with the people about the costs and benefits, and we must earn their trust if we expect voters to support such investments.

"I have a website,, where people can see some of my positions and send me their views. I look forward to discussing with them how their County Council might better serve the people of Los Alamos."