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Pete Sheehey, candidate for Democratic Party nomination for New Mexico House of Representatives, District 43

March 16, 2010

Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Peter T. (Pete) Sheehey filed Tuesday at the New Mexico Secretary of State's Office to place his name on the June 1, 2010 Democratic primary election ballot for New Mexico House District 43 Representative. Sheehey stated:

"I have lived and worked in this District for more than 20 years. My scientific and engineering expertise will be a good complement to the skills of other state legislators. I can also bring better communication between LANL and the state government. I have long been active in bi-partisan political groups such as the Los Alamos Committee on Arms Control and International Security. In recent years I have been active on community issues, serving on the Los Alamos County Planning and Zoning Commission since 2008. I am also an active participant in the ongoing discussion on proposed changes to the Los Alamos County Charter, aimed at bringing better communication and voter control over major county expenditures. I believe in traditional Democratic Party values, such as standing up for working people, equal rights for all, and the need for government to step in when free markets are abused by monopolies.

"My wife Naishing and I knocked on many doors and talked to many voters here during the 2008 election year. It was then that I realized my experiences are typical of the people in this district, and that I could be a good representative for them in the State Legislature. This year we have been meeting many people throughout District 43, including Cochiti Lake, Jemez Springs, Santa Fe, as well as White Rock and Los Alamos. People are righteously angry about corrupt or dysfunctional government at all levels. Many people want reforms, but they are skeptical of most politicians. I am fortunate to have been employed by LANL, so that I can afford now to take leave from my job or retire, and give my time and skills to making state government work better for the people of this District and New Mexico.

"We have heard many good ideas from teachers, parents, school administrators, small business owners, as well as workers at LANL, about how we can stop waste and corruption and put taxpayers' money where it will do the most good. I strongly support reforms recommended by bi-partisan groups such as Think New Mexico that will make New Mexico state government much more open, ethical, and accountable. Every detail of the state budget—where the money comes from and where it goes—is public information, and needs to be easily and widely accessible and understandable. Tax revenues spent wisely on education, health care, economic development, and renewable energy are good investments for New Mexico, and will pay off for all of us in the long run. But we have to be totally honest with the voters about the costs and benefits, and we must earn their trust if we expect voters to support such investments.

"We have a website, where voters can see some of my positions and send me their views. I look forward to discussing with them what their state representative might do to better serve the people of District 43 and the state of New Mexico."