The Los Alamos County Council met on July 11 to choose from among six people who offered their names to serve on the Council as a replacement for Jim Hall, who has been appointed by Governor Martinez to serve the remaining term of the late New Mexico Representative Jeannette Wallace. At that meeting they selected David Izraelevitz, with whom I have worked on the Planning and Zoning Commission. I congratulate David on his new position, and I salute the Council on choosing David, a thoughtful and hard-working Democrat who should be able to help in our bi-partisan efforts to keep Los Alamos County in a single legislative district in the coming statewide re-districting.

Statement to Los Alamos County Council: Appointment as County Councilor

July 11, 2011

Madame Chair and Los Alamos County Councilors: I offer myself for appointment to fill the vacancy on the County Council left by Councilor Jim Hall's move to the Legislature. I hope you were able to see on my website some of my ideas and my record in this community going back to 1986. In serving through long hearings as Vice Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission and on the Board of Adjustment, I have shown the patience, stamina, and good humor needed to serve as a County Councilor in this town. Tonight I want to emphasize what I have to offer as a County Councilor that is uniquely important to the county at this time.

First, I have been very politically active over the last three years, talking with a lot of people and learning some interesting lessons. Communication is one of the most important jobs of anyone in politics, and that goes two ways: listening to people, and telling people honestly and accurately what our community's issues and choices are. Websites such as mine can be useful tools for such communication. As a pragmatist and a team player, I am always listening for the common ground where solutions to our problems might lie. I believe I can help improve communication between people and groups in this community, and the county government.

Second, I have followed national and international issues for many years. I visited our sister city Sarov, Russia, where the Russian "Los Alamos Lab" is, twice during the 1990s as part of Lab-to-Lab scientific collaborations. I have contacted our Senators and Congressmen frequently in both partisan and non-partisan contexts. Why is this important to County government? One example: I know the fundamental national security role of the Lab will not disappear anytime soon, no matter what progress might be made in arms control. At the same time, big projects like the CMRR are by no means done deals, so we need to be very careful about planning on any anticipated GRT revenues that would come from them. I can help keep county government cognizant of such issues.

Third, I have told Representative Hall that I'm willing to work with him at the State Legislature to insure Los Alamos County stays within a single House district in the coming redistricting. This is another thing that is by no means a done deal; if the county were split up, we would be badly weakened in our state government. I know how to lobby: be informed, concise and persistent; and I know a good number of people working in the Roundhouse. I believe that as a County Councilor who is a Democrat, I could be effective in that effort with the Democratic-majority legislature.

To summarize, I believe that I can bring some important specific skills and fresh outlook to the Council, while remaining close to the political center of this community. I am ready and willing to do this job. Thank you.