Statement to Los Alamos County Democratic Party Convention: Candidacy for County Councilor

February 23, 2012

I'm Pete Sheehey, and I am running for Los Alamos County Council. I've lived and worked here for 25 years, and Los Alamos has been a good home for me. I think we can make it better. There are two things I would focus on as a County Councilor: communication, and prioritization.

Communication is one of the most important jobs of any elected official. It goes two ways: listening to people, and telling people honestly and clearly what the issues and choices are. Anyone involved in government should be proud to show every detail of the people's business to the public.

Prioritization means making hard choices. We need good information to make good choices. My priorities for County government are: public safety, basic infrastructure, and education, followed by careful investment to help grow the local economy. If we manage these things well, then we will be able to afford the amenities that make for a nicer town. We need to go ahead with the projects that are most important, but we will have to wait on some, because our budget won't cover everything. That's what priorities are about.

I'm proud to be a Democrat because I believe in our party's principles, and I stand ready to defend them. I've been an advocate for local and national issues in Washington, at the Roundhouse, and here in our community. But I deplore the present atmosphere of hyper-partisan attacks and refusal to compromise. We can hold our principles and still work to find common ground with those of different viewpoints. I've done this frequently as a scientist at the Lab, and I've done it for the last 4 years as vice chairman of the County Planning and Zoning Commission. I'm willing to state my opinions and my reasons, listen to what others have to say, and then work together to find solutions to our problems. An atmosphere of civility, honesty, and respect for all is vital for democratic governments to work. I think this is the attitude that Democrats need to show, if we're going to earn the votes of independents and swing voters in all parties.

I ask for your support. Take a look at my website,, where you can see some of my ideas and my record, and send me your ideas. I'm eager to work for you on the County Council, to help make this a better community. Thank you.